5 Rules to argue in an appropriate way

Our times are getting more and more argumentative.

Culture wars are dividing nations.  You are asked to take a position and agree with it right or wrong.  This style of disputation is finding its way into businesses as well, where disagreeing with a statement or a proposal is seen as a declaration of war, a destroyer of relationships.

So how can we deal with this increasingly disputatious world?… Read more

Can Uber make money?

Probably not… but they could destroy a few businesses finding out.

Taking one sector of the US market- business rides. IN the past taxis and rental cars were the dominant players, until Uber came along and destroyed these businesses in business hiring.  Back in  2014, taxis and rental cars combined still provided 92% of total reimbursed ground transportation for business travel in the US.… Read more

Why do “intelligent” reporters get UBER so wrong?

“Uber profitable”

Here are some of the stories about Uber’s 1Q published results.






Profitable … So the headlines claim.  But the profit is a one-off gain from selling Uber S E Asia to Grab for shares in this unlisted company which Uber then valued at almost US$3 billion.

Fake news; fake profit.

All stories mentioned that Uber’s reported “profit” was entirely due to the one-time $2.94 B accounting “gain” on the Grab sale.… Read more

double-diamond design thinking

The Double Diamond is a structured design approach to tackle challenges in four phases:

  1. Discover /Research— insight into the problem (diverging)
  2. Define/Synthesis — the area to focus upon (converging)
  3. Develop/ Ideation— potential solutions (diverging)
  4. Deliver /Implementation— solutions that work (converging)

Phases of this process are either diverging or converging. During a diverging phase, you try to open up as much as possible without limiting yourself, whereas a converging phase focuses on condensing and narrowing your findings or ideas.

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What’s a business model?

Its not a plan, and all to often I see these ideas masquerading as business models.

The purpose of a business model is to concisely describe the function of your business within the overall market landscape and how you plan to add create value. This includes details such as business inputs and dependencies, target customer base and the value being created on behalf of those customers.… Read more