What’s your growth strategy?

It’s january … I hope you have your growth strategy in hand already.

For those if you that dont, enrolment is Open for Singapore Management University’s Winning Business Performance in Asia

click on that link… or this

Skills Future are amending their criteria for awards and so this course has been delayed until we are clear on its SkillsFuture status.

The course covers…

  • creating an Asian growth strategy
  • leading for growth in Asia
  • financing your growth
  • implementing your growth plan
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What’s needed for Effective strategy implementation?

To start a new year, I’d like to look again at what I believe is the most important thing in business… doing the right things right.

And on the first day of January, I’d like to focus your attention on HOW to do the thing right…

I run a strategy day for SMU for various corporate clients… in the morning we discuss what we need to do… the “what” of strategy development.… Read more