5 Killer Questions for Non-Marketers to ask

In moving from commercially focused businesses into the wider world, the question i am asked most often is : how can i improve my branding and marketing. This a killer question. Without getting into an in-depth review of the questioners specific challenges, i go back to first principles and ask them to think about asking similar killer questions to ask their marketing teams.… Read more

The challenge of staying the best

I write this  on a Singapore Airlines (SQ), one of the world’s best airlines. A travel icon for decades, at least as long as the thirty years I’ve travelled with them. For SQ, and for those of us in business it’s tough becoming number one, and should you achieve its even harder to stay numbers one.
The aspiration to become number one sets for all a unique challenge for success, and having achieved this lofty goal, how do we maintain the passion in our teams to stay number one?… Read more

Bargain with Odd numbers

When negotiating for a salary, most of us reach for a nice, round number like $5,000 a month Or $120,000 a year.
But, by favouring all those zeros, we may be missing an opportunity to get a better deal, according to a new paper from researchers at Columbia Business School. They found that using more precise numbers in an initial request—or anchor, as it is known in psychology parlance—generally results in a higher final settlement.… Read more