5 steps when your team member resigns

She sidled nervously to me near the lifts as I waited for the friday rush to pass, averted her gaze, and simply said “Sorry I’m resigning, can I not work my notice period as the new company need me in a week?” She smiled wanly and waited for my response as I stared at whether to board the open lift.

If you’ve faced this or dread this, you’re not alone in not being prepared for employee resignations!… Read more

The only 3 interview questions you need, Ever!

Oprah received more than a little criticism for the way she handled her interview of Lance Armstrong. I’m sure she prepared, but maybe not well enough for everyone.

I can’t remember how many people i’ve interviewed for jobs in the last thirty years- several hundreds… and I regret that preparation for interviews wasn’t my strong point.  I understand that preparing for hiring interviews is important,  but until the last minute it wasn’t urgent enough to do preparation when compared to the other urgent tasks on my desk and in my inbox.… Read more

End Summer Internships… Now

Read this article and thought, yes, he’s right, which is surprising as it was written, quite cogently, by an Ad-guy!

I’m not so enthusiastic about the central thesis that when hiring new grads academic performance is a poor predictor of success. And that by just aiming for top grads inflates their demands while not guaranteeing performance success. This is plainly common since, and because of that quite uncommon.… Read more

How do i deal with work disappointments?


Some of the conversations i’m having with ex-colleagues certainly aren’t that positive after their company was recently acquired. As with all good acquisitions processes have been changed quickly, new reporting lines established, new systems brought into place. My friends were great at this their systems and processes were the ones others changed to. They are less happy with having to change themselves.… Read more