Why should I use DISC at work?


One critical element in my people management over the years has been to develop an understanding of peoples behaviour preferences, and utilising DISC as a means to appreciate these.

As explained earlier DISC is a well regarded measure of how an individual prefers to act either in work or home settings. Its not a personality test, but a self assessment of your behaviour preferences.… Read more

LinkedIn recommendations; its your reputation on the line.

I recently received a linkedIn request from  an ex-colleague whom I haven’t worked with in a long while to provide a recommendation for them. Happened to you recently? As more and more people use linkedIn as the foundation of their career development the hunt for written recommendations starts,

Wow, it was about 8 or 9 years since we worked together, well i could write about what they did then, but thats not what they were asking for, and I really don’t know what they are like now.… Read more

The undervalued virtue of consistency

As managers we often value change more than continuity. Brand managers get promoting for changing packaging or advertising, business development managers succeed when they change the strategy. We all have stories of success following change.
Consistency is a strongly undervalued virtue in business.
We get easily bored with the things that we have done in the past, and seek the new, to change, certainly well before our customers actively seek changes.… Read more

Strategy is useless without Execution- Wharton Professor


While its something we should know, the sexiness of devising strategy sometimes overwhelms the daily grind of implementation. So its great to reinforce when ever possible, that when it comes to executing strategy, the old saying “the devil is in the details” holds true for many companies, according to Wharton emeritus management professor Lawrence G. Hrebiniak.

While executives may readily participate in the development of new strategies, execution tends to get ignored, because it is often viewed as a task for non-executives or not an exec level concern, he notes.… Read more

Get up and walk

Want to stay healthy? Why not ask the boss to shift the office printer upstairs and get up regularly for a brisk walk. Or why not take the opportunity to take a short walk to talk to colleagues rather than using the phone or sending an e-mail.

That short walk is a healthy addition to your normal daily exercise.

In an experiment involving 70 healthy adults found that going for a short walk on a treadmill every half hour to break up nine hours of sitting was healthier than just sitting for virtually the whole day. … Read more