Start planning for financial freedom NOW

I retired this year, I was able to do so as I had planned for my financial freedom over a decade or so. When i thought work was no longer fun nor interesting, my investments would enable me to live without working. This is the essence of financial freedom.

Your definition may be to have sufficient passive income, or minimized expenses that you can finally take up your poorly paid dream profession, or you can easily weather the threat of job loss.… Read more

4 ways to structure difficult conversations

My approach has been quite simple- tackle problems head on- simple, but it may not be right.

Obviously in the behavioural style I’m in “high D mode”, and while this has worked, sort of, for me, it may not necessarily the best approach for you… or those who you have to have a difficult conversation with.  The most difficult business conversations are easily those related to people, their behaviour, motivations and impact on or reactions to others.… Read more

Your search for your next career

I have several experienced friends, who have left employment either voluntarily or not, before having secured their next role.  In the current environment, it can be challenging to make that ideal next connection and your next career move.

Here are some tips on how to ensure your continued employability after reviewing how we typically fill job openings as an insight on where to place your search emphasis.… Read more

How to take criticism, positively

Even if you aren’t a football fan, I’m sure you’ve heard of the “Ferguson Hairdryer” (see above) a unique way of passing information from Alex to anyone within listening range. It was Alex’s way of criticising his team, and its gained a reputation for being effective in a negative sort of way- its the sort of criticism you seek to avoid.… Read more