5 tips to focus under pressure


I met an old colleague yesterday and she said she nearly didn’t recognize me, I looked so much calmer than I did when I was working for a multinational business.  Wow pressure certainly affects people differently, so lets look at ways to minimize the negative impacts.

When you’re managing in the middle of a business, there’s constant pressure. When everything is a priority, how do you remain calm and complete all your tasks on time?… Read more

Communication tips with DISC

Working with people is the hardest part of any job, and effectively communicating with people certainly for me, the hardest part of this relationships. Any assistance in enhancing communication effectiveness is worthwhile, i hope.

As a certified DISC practitioner I believe this this tool is valuable to enable people to arrange their thinking and communication behaviour. But  DISC could be initially difficult for people to understand.… Read more

5 ideas to Excel at internal promotions

On Friday, I proposed a dozen tips for becoming a new middle manager in a new company, from my personal experience.

As a commentator has rightly suggested, many people are promoted within their own organisation to take up management role, and if so does my advice change. Is there anything you should do differently after an internal promotion. Yes, there are some differences with an internal promotion, you don’t start with a clean slate.… Read more