Buyer Personas prompt selling success

The case study

The young male Sales Rep (who could look like any of One Direction) pushed past the hefty amount of stock on display in the ‘Mom and Pop’ convenience store, nodded his head as he said hello to the “Boss” and went to met with the wife (or Lady Boss) sitting by the cash register. She smiled on seeing the young rep visit her again, she even blushed a little as he smiled sweetly.… Read more

Do you really understand your Sales Team’s Strategy?

For Board members or for non-commercial executives thinking about the commercial area of their business branding, marketing and advertising occupies most focus and sales is left pretty much to fend for itself.

This mindset is to be regretted, as sales must offer the business many opportunities to add value in building and retaining a strong customer network. I have seen too many great brands with fantastic advertising flounder because no one could buy their product, or retailers or wholesalers were constantly out of stock or pricing did not reflect brand values.  … Read more

Nine benefits of social media focus

I haven’t been posting anything recently on commercial issues as I focus on HR, but a recent post on business insider  based on their original social media research, could be a useful addition to our resources section.

After several decades of engaging with consumers I am a strong advocate of focus, and so this article really resonated. In my current NGO role we (mis-)use twitter, facebook and linkedin– and the team remain confused what style of content links with each contact and with different consumers attentive to each social media channel.… Read more

4 Tips how to Select Great Sales Training

My first real job was as a salesman, as a pharmaceutical rep., and the training I received from Glaxo has set me on my way to a solid career.

The training was focused, tailored, and enabled us to understand why we needed to do job as a Sales Specialist in certain ways. It provided me with a simple structure for my sales calls as well as provide some default language when i was stuck.  … Read more

What is Bezos reading?

I’m a reader, I love reading articles and books, and I like to know what others are reading.

Amazon’s Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos was recently interviewed on CNBC. 

One of the best parts of the interview is the detail given by Bezos about some of the books he’s shared with Amazon’s top executives — he uses these as frameworks for shaping the future of the company.… Read more