How to Work with someone you Dislike

I’ve worked with quite a few people that i have disliked. I disliked them for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the relationship coped with working together. Sometimes not. Rather than just avoiding these people- my original strategy- there are times when you must work closely with people you struggle to like and so struggle to work with.

The concepts of behavioural preferences, as described through DISC, and of emotional intelligence can help you deal effectively with difficult people and situations.… Read more

Two BIG benefits of enhancing Workplace eQ

Last week one of the people I work with, part time, resigned.

Its sad, she was a good team member a good worker, but the lack of good emotional skills in our workplace contributed to her resignation.

Looking back on my career, most of the great people that resigned from my teams did so because of a personal clash with co-workers or bosses.… Read more