I’m an internal hire – help me

I’ve heard it before, and I’ve seen it in my own company- internal hires just don’t get promoted compared to external hires.  It does happen, and here’s a way to position yourself to avoid the dreaded- “we like you, but this role just isn’t for you”.

There are two fundamental reasons I feel internal candidates don’t get hired. The number one mistake that I see is that the internal job candidate doesn’t treat the interview seriously enough.… Read more

3 tips to improve your companies culture

My old work colleagues are occasionally complaining about the culture in their new place of work. I listen, empathise and then disagree with them.

Culture is what you make of it, good or bad… do something don’t complain. While I agree that an internal culture is based on a foundation laid out by employers, it is up to employees to make it thrive.… Read more

What does “act professionally” really mean?

I often hear new managers give their team members the advice that they should act “more professionally”. I am always curious what they specifically mean by this.

I have done it myself and been guilty of un-actionable feedback.

Here’s my take on what acting professionally means to me.

1. Pay attention to the cultural norms in your organisation, and follow them.Read more

5 tips to Predictable Success.

In my business career I’ve dealt with five business recessions (1987, 1997, 2000, 2004, 2007-9) and a similar number of booms but what i’ve learnt is business is they were never predictable.

Next year… Up? Down? Growing? Stagnating? … who knows, so how can you generate predictable success?

How then, as a business leader can you set attainable, realistic goals in an up/down, who-knows-what’s-next market–without demoralising your team by setting them up for failure through unreachable targets?… Read more

How to Sense a Buyer’s DISC styles

You’ve just met a new business contact, and you’re sitting across from them in a social or a work setting. You know that the most effective means of connection is to understand their behaviour and communication preferences and flex your own preferences to engage with them on their terms.

So I get out my short DISC test and ask them to quickly complete the test, as it only takes 7 minutes, I can then go to the toilet and then plot their responses so I know their DISC preferences and flex my style- RIGHT?Read more