3 Benefits in Developing Mindfulness

… and here are 5 tips to practicing it to better your health and wellbeing.

It’s a busy world. You tap away at your computer while keeping one eye on your iPhone and another on people walking past your cubicle. You plan your day while listening to your playlist and commuting to work, and then plan your weekend on the way back eyes glued to your iPad Calendar avoiding either fellow bus passengers or fellow drivers.… Read more

Explaining the Buyer Journey plan


I have written several articles about the buyer journey, buyer personas, aligning the buying and selling process; here is an aid to this process a journey plan for the buying process.

At its core, I’ve turned around the typical account planning tool, to focus more clearly on the Buyer and their needs. This is to build empathy and to assist the seller more clearly understand the questions a Buyer has to tailor the sellers presentations and plans to meet the Buyers needs.  … Read more

Books I recommend…

Previously  I’ve written about Jeff Bezos and his encouraging his staff to read selected books.

I’m not in Bezos class, but I have suggested a reading list for my team members in the past and I’ve used these series of books as a basis for both self Learning and guided learning.

Self learning typically would encourage your team member to read the book (they are all quite short) and to identify three ideas they can implement now.… Read more

What’s your customers buying journey?

While most companies have a Sales process, a Sales Department, a Sales manager, sales teams-  rarely do we look at the process from the customers perspective.

In a previous post, We initiated a review the buyers process, by starting with an in-depth understanding the motivations, behaviours and needs of buyers. From this i described how we were able to create an effective buyer strategy to boost sales with both an individual buyer and amongst a segment of buyers.… Read more

DISC preference profiling tool

Every person has distinctive characteristics and qualities, which combines to influence their thinking, preferences and behaviour.

The DISC Profiling System is a positive tool, aiming to help individuals increase in effectiveness as they identify and capitalise on strengths, whilst recognising potential weaknesses and blind spots. disc_chart

DISC is the four-quadrant self-assessment behaviour based model based on the work of Dr. W. M.… Read more