Top 4 firing signals

In my new self directed role, I am happy that I have no team members.

Looking back on my management career, the biggest people mistakes I made weren’t in hiring people too quickly, but in firing too slowly.

Let me be clear, a bosses job isn’t to go around and look for people to fire. But to assess when a person becomes a bad fit with their work, team, and company.… Read more

What’s the value of Middle Managers

After writing about Google’s proof of the value of middle managers, a Wharton Professor, Ethan Mollick, has calculated the actual value add of great middle managers to businesses.

His study of computer-game makers shows something different — that individual middle managers matter a lot. And of all the individuals, the choice of who is the middle manager on vital projects goes the furthest in explaining why some firms do better than others.… Read more

Simple structure for strategic thinking

As a young manager, i was occasionally asked to set up a strategic discussion, or a review of our strategy and really struggled about how to arrange my thoughts and hence the presentation.

I’m an academic by training and would always go back to the books when ever I became stuck. When I trained at INSEAD i was introduced to a useful and simple tool for arranging any strategic discussion,

The Porter’s Five Forces tool is simple but powerful means to understand where power lies in any business situation and hence a great means t arrange your strategic thinking.… Read more

3 ways to Enhance your Work eQ

I’ve introduced the concept of Emotional Intelligence (eQ) and I’d like to take it further, and to  provide you with some simple steps to enhance your personal eQ.

Following some of these steps will enable you to realign your work-life back into balance, reduce stress, and potentially resolve current conflict (and avoid future conflicts). By connecting with your emotions at work, you’ll be better equipped to identify, handle, and avoid difficult situations before they escalate.… Read more

I have to fire someone- help me

Donald Trump’s approach to termination is certainly theatrical.

Firing someone, sacking, terminating- lets be quite clear about it, there’s no nice word for it – is something that lies ahead of every manager, and while you may wish to emulate Trumps property management nous avoid his HR skills.

If done poorly -the Donald way-  your and your company’s reputation can be damaged. … Read more