6 tips to make a promotion succeed

The last couple of weeks I’ve written about hiring inside organisations, and having hired the internal candidate how can we make the internal hire a success?

We’ve all had a great employee, who does good work, and has told you that they are ready for more responsibility. Three months after promoting them to manager you regret the decision.

Thinking back, the hardest period in my working life was the first three months after moving to a new company to manage a team.  … Read more

8 things to look for in an internal hire

In my previous company, I perceived it was easier to be hired if you weren’t an internal candidate and I’ve written about this recently.
You may be surprised to hear this, but we knew almost everything about internal candidates, and typically just their failures and mistakes tended to surface in the discussions.  External candidates were all upside; internal candidates had upside potential but their downsides were all to visible.… Read more