Happy Lunar New Year

The Year of the Snake will make way for the Year of the Wooden Horse . Horse is a symbol of traveling, as well a sign of speedy success because it can give individuals a ride to their destination. Horse is associated with fire; in fact horse is the strongest fire animal in the 12 zodiac signs. Wood helps fire burn and last longer.… Read more

4 Easy Steps to greater Sales Effectiveness

Although my first job was as a Sales Representative and my second job was as a Sales and Product Manager, I didn’t really get interested in how to enhance fundamental Sales performance until I became a General Manager. Before that I was too busy doing thngs to think about how to improve what I was doing.

At that time I had the privilege to work with Guinness Overseas Ltd, a company now part of Diageo.… Read more

What do different sales roles actually do?


My background is primarily in sales, and so it pains me to hear more and more often that a super sales guy has been promoted to Sales Manager and then has left the company three to six months later.

To my thinking this is just sloppy management by the company, and probably sloppy career planning by the new manager that leads to the exit.… Read more

Perfect Presentation skills

As an occasional extrovert, I believed I could present at will- stand up, talk.  But when I saw Rob Campbell– Weiden and Kennedy Strategic Planner- present I immediately realized that my comfort with talking could also become a weakness when it came to giving useful presentations.

Equally, some of my colleagues are introverted and so avoid presentations when ever they could and when forced into it would really over prepare in great detail.… Read more