How can a blog get me a job?

As an employer I used to ‘Google’ applicants for jobs.  See what presence they had on the internet.

I was usually disappointed, other than the odd Facebook account (and sometimes I mean ODD), or a banal twitter feed, or the occasional picture somewhere, most applicants left little evidence of their views or thinking.

And whilst we are warned not to indulge in silly pictures or posts in case these come back to haunt us, i would like to turn this around and propose that the internet is a great way to get a profile to boost your changes of that great job you want.… Read more

Failure’s 5 lessons

I’ve failed a lot in my career, and I wont bore you with a laundry list, safe to say the failures weren’t career threatening, just embarrassing.

I did learn though. The painful touch of failure made the lesson all the more memorable.

Taking stock, achieving the meaningful results in large projects the first time around is rare. I’ve certainly found that  the best lessons are learned when things don’t happen the way you want them to and you find out what doesn’t work as planned.… Read more

Ditch PowerPoint NOW!

I used to be a powerpoint wiz, and some of my colleagues spent a large amount of time animating, dissolving, colouring and prettifying their presentations as though the quality of their powerpoint could disguise the paucity of their thought.


So it’s noteworthy that Amazon founder—and new Washington Post owner­­—Jeff Bezos’ proscribes PowerPoint presentations at Amazon.

Bezos instead requires that employees compose 6-page narrative memos, and he starts meetings with quiet reading periods—“study halls”—in which everyone reads the memo from beginning to end.… Read more

How to overcome your fear of success

In the last weeks I had a series of long chats with a dear friend, who’s an astoundingly successful businessman and who observed that many people he knew, who were quite capable of sustained success in business, failed to take advantage of opportunities they came upon.

He said they had a fear of success.

This statement took me aback.

I was quite clear on a fear of failure, kiasu 驚輸, we know that very well in Singapore business.… Read more

5 Steps to Breaking bad habits

With the start of a new year our thoughts naturally are drawn to a review of the last year and what we hope to achieve in the new.

We consider some resolutions, and I have a post on forming new habits. But the converse of that is stopping BAD habits. If you can change your behaviour to dispense with those habits you no longer desire.… Read more