It’s Time to rethink your China sourcing strategy

One of the company’s I’ve invested in has relocated machinery production to China, recently, from Europe.

I suggested they look at Thailand, or Malaysia as a potential base, but China won out.  I think their decision may not be so insightful as they thought.

Chinese GDP growth hit its lowest level since 1999 last year. Part of the slowdown is being driven by Beijing’s efforts to re-balance the economy away from exports and investment-led growth to domestic demand driven growth.… Read more

Love Coffee? Buy now while it’s cheap

I’m not a coffee drinker, gave up coffee in 1991, but i have seen a exponential increase in both coffee appreciation and business built around coffee. If you are a drinker or a coffee businessman, here’s early warning of pricing rises.

Coffee prices have seen a parabolic run-up in recent weeks as unprecedented hot and dry weather in Brazil has sucked the life out of what was expected to have been a record crop.… Read more

7 steps to become a Hiring Champion

In my experience more than 50% of your potential HR problems start with hiring the wrong people into your team. And so if you can become a Hiring Champion your HR issues will magically reduce.

When it comes to hiring, again this is from personal experience, more hiring mistakes are made in the first 3 minutes of a job interview than at any other time.… Read more

How to get others to LOVE your ideas

I’ve spent too much of my life in meetings, but I recognize that in today’s business meetings, however inefficient, are part of life and an important place to encourage others to support your business ideas.

I realize that meetings are where we offer up our best ideas, put our support behind key people and projects, and voice our objections when we disagree.… Read more

Make criticism work for you

I remember many many meetings with my Managers where they (attempted) to give me feedback.  When they needed to deliver negative feedback, they often used the technique called the Feedback Sandwich, some specific positive feedback, the negative feedback in detail and then follow up with some more general positive feedback.

Initially I thought this was great as I completely ignored the negative bits and basked in their positive comments- until I realized they didn’t really mean the positive bits, there were there just for display- it was the negative part that counted.… Read more