Simple Advice for your Investments

Here’s a simple 4×6 card with some if the best financial advice you’ll ever receive from University if Chicago Professor Harold Pollack. But the lesson here is that once you have an income that you can live off and can save a little bit besides, managing your finances shouldn’t be all that hard.

Cheap. Pollack’s only investment rule is to buy inexpensive diversified mutual funds or ETFs.… Read more

6 Keys to get your Boss to listen to you

When I was a boss, there was nothing more frustrating than dealing with a subordinate that just waffled and talked without purpose. I felt that they just didn’t get our business.

Now I realize they just didn’t get me.

So the lesson in effectively communicating bosses, is to think like them and work with them the way they want to be worked with.… Read more

How look smart to Bosses (and interpret GeoPolitics at the same time)

You’re at a company event and someone asks your views on China vs Japan in North Asia, or whats your perspective of the problems in the middle east… or what do you think will happen in 2014.  

You need some cogent answers to difficult questions, and more importantly how they may impact your business.

So for your education, here are three extracts from, that will enable you to assess world affairs and to develop a cogent train of thought, as well as an extract from Quartz’s  predictions for 2014.… Read more