New company? How to get noticed, positively.

When you are new to a company, it’s tough to get noticed. I have a few ex-colleagues who are joining new companies and here’s my suggestions for them to try.

When you’re new there’s a fine line between calling positive attention to yourself at work and seeming like a braggart and earning the emnity of your new colleagues.  In the business world, you need to learn how to walk this line or risk limiting your chances of success.

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A managers biggest problem

The perennial problem I had in my work was the challenge of the barely performing team member- the one that everyone loves but who hasn’t been pulling his weight recently.

It’s not like they are deliberately under-performing — he’s not late on his reports and his ideas are generally solid. But he’s just not delivering to your expectations, and you’ve already given him multiple chances to come up to the high standards of the rest of the team.… Read more

12 Useful Projects for that Spare 5 minutes

If you are a task orientated personality, high D or C, you may find yourself with the occasional 5 minutes before a meeting, or call, and feel frustrated you can’t use it to complete a task AND be on time for your meeting.

Don’t waste that time… You can’t complete a typical task, but here are some things you could profitably do for your business and career in that 5 minute window.… Read more

How to turn negative energy into Positive results

We’ve all been in meetings where you’re presenting your ideas, and all you get is negative energy.   People complain your idea is impractical; it can’t be done.  They bring up a laundry list of objections.

You can either call off the meeting at this point and can your idea; or you can turn this negative energy into positive results.

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