The 5 top reasons why you’re asked ” What’s your Biggest Weakness?” …

… and what your response should be.

Yes, i know its a question loved by many hiring managers, but what’s the real purpose of asking an aspiring job applicant a question like this?

Some commentators believe that asking such a question can be like digging through CVs trying to find any reason why not to hire you. But there are 5 key reasons why you are asked this question.  … Read more

7 steps to finish huge projects Fast

You know the drill, you’re called in by the Boss, and he’s nice… you know somethings up.

And it is, you now have a huge project that needs to be done quickly, impossibly quickly.

I’ve been in these situations before and I’ve talked to others who have managed to pull together big projects impossibly quickly, and here’s what we have learned to complete that urgent important huge project before the deadline- seven simple steps to success.… Read more

Holidays 2 – 6 indepth tips for holiday preparation

The post on holidays received the most comment yet, thanks! And as today’s a holiday why not keep the theme going.

It seems to me that holidays are something of interest, so in anticipation of your next holiday here are the things I do to plan ahead.

Your holiday should be a relaxing reprieve from your probably chaotic work life. And if you don’t prepare for the holiday, your chaotic career will overtake you and when your return you’ll feel even more stressed than you did when you left and vow never to take a break again.… Read more

8 Critical things to do, and don’t do, in your first hour at work

I am a morning person, I always aimed to get to work early, before anyone else, and considered the first hour at work precious. It was a time for me to think and plan, to consider and reflect, before the rest of the team came to work and started bombarding me with e-mails, requests, questions, meetings, reports… work.

I believe one of the reasons I was successful was that I took this first hour as my time to step back from the day to day and reflect how I could be most useful for that day or that week..  … Read more