The 10 most important things to do between jobs

A friend has just found a new job. He’ll serve his time with his old company, but has asked me whether he should start immediately the next Monday, supposing your new company is flexible in start date. How much time should he take, if any, between jobs? And what’s the best things to do with that time?

I suggest taking at least one week off to allow yourself to refresh, recharge, and refocus.… Read more

6 insightful questions for phone references

When you have a vacancy, you are really under pressure to find a replacement candidate quickly.

Well I always was, especially if I had to do their work while I looked for a candidate.

And when it comes to hiring, the challenge is dealing with people on their very best interview behaviour. So how can you effectively and objectively assess what they are really like.… Read more

3 compelling reasons Managers should Go on Holiday

So i’m just back from three and a half weeks away from Acumen.

It was a great investment of my time. And I thoroughly recommend all managers in the middle going on holiday for an extended period at least once a year.

All to often we are stuck in the “I’m too important to the business to take time off” rut.… Read more