How to build Empathy

Some people have it, others don’t.

And you certainly know those who don’t have empathy, the UK and US television series “The Office” has a great example of an empathy less boss.


Empathy is the ability to understand and affect the emotional states of others.

a. The ability to “read” the emotions and emotional states of other.

b. The ability to determine the situations/triggers that cause various emotional states in others.… Read more

3 Tips for Impulse Control

One of the challenges I see others struggle with is in keeping their impulses under control, especially in work related situations.  Someone raises an issue and quick as a flash a critical remark, a laugh or a joke at their expense comes from the impulsive individual… followed slowly by the realisation that, well, they should have thought about it first.

So how can we keep impulses under control.… Read more

How to criticise

We have all been in the position of disagreeing with someone and giving them critical feedback on their work or suggestion.

It is really fraught with pitfalls, especially if the person you are dealing with has a high S DISC profile– they will take your comments very personally. If your criticism is unvarnished you may end a friendship or have colleagues who refuse to work with you or refuse to permit you to appraise their work.… Read more

What are today’s potential economic risks?

From Reuters, the wisdom of doom merchant Nouriel Roubini.

Roubini presented a list of six rising global risks, and six declining global risks.

Lets start with the bad news. Here are the risks that are coming into view. My comments are in italic.

– China! “Some people believe in a hard landing… some people believe in a softer landing,” said Roubini.… Read more