Will Chinese slump swamp our bit of Asia?

I’ve talked before about the challenge facing the Chinese economy.

Here’s two charts from   that detail the slow down and the impact its having out of the main coastal areas.

Source: Chen Long, “Testing the Reformers Resolve.” GaveKal Research, May 27, 2014

More and more of the world is inextricably linked into China’s success as shown by Export trade as a proportion of world GDP.

Can Central Planners Revive China’s Economic Miracle? By Worth Wray
Can Central Planners Revive China’s Economic Miracle?
By Worth Wray

and the overall source of China’s imports

Source of Chinese Imports- Maudlin Economics


Which shows that more than half of Chinese exports originate in Asia.… Read more

Making “a few words” memorable

“and now a few words from our sponsor” (audible groans I as ascend the stage)

… or   “Les, we thought we’d kick of the training session -as you’re here- with a few words from you”

I think I’ve been introduced this way over a hundred times in my management career. I was rarely warned, and rarely prepared. But I coped. At the beginning badly, but as time and experience wore on, I coped better.… Read more

QUIZ- How resilient are you?

I’ve written about resilience and how to develop it to enhance your eQ, here’s a quick quiz to assess your own resilience.

Resilience is the process of adapting to difficult or challenging life experiences, says the late Al Siebert, PhD, founder of The Resiliency Center in Portland, Oregon USA.

Interested to find out how resilient you are? Take this quiz, adapted from Siebert’s book The Resiliency Advantage.… Read more

Don’t drown in these Chinese ripples

After 34 years of booming economic growth averaging over 9% per year (the longest sustained  period of rapid economic growth in human history), China’s credit-fueled, investment-driven growth model is exhausted and increasingly unstable. Chinese economic growth slowed to the lowest level since 1999 last year, expanding 7.7%.

Policymakers have recognized the need to re-balance economic growth and are now slowly transitioning away from a credit and export driven economy to one driven by consumer growth.… Read more