Why the Indonesian Elections should matter to you?

Indonesia is in the middle of counting votes for their Presidential election.

indonesian vote counting

They were given a choice between one-time frontrunner Joko Widodo (jokowi), the Jakarta governor with a corruption-free reputation who is seen as the more market-friendly candidate, and main rival Prabowo Subianto, an ex-general facing a U.S. visa ban for allegations of past human rights violations. Prabowo once trailed by as much as 30 points in the pre-election polls, but as the election day approached, he managed to close the gap with an aggressive, nationalistic campaign. Read more

How much do you trust Economists and Forecasters?

Like you I read a certain amount of economic forecasts and share price forecasts. This was especially true when I was creating budgets for the next year- GDP forecasts were one of the few things we could identify to assist benchmark our plans.  I scoured research to provide some insight into what the future offered.

Once found, I didn’t take the time to actually verify the quality of sources, I had no idea how accurate they had been the in the past and whether the information was actually useful.… Read more

How to ace freelancing

After a year in freelancing, I’ve picked up a few ideas that, had I known before I moved into freelancing, would have made my life a great deal easier.

Friday that the week is over, freelancing means everyday is a workday or a weekend.

Im certainly not saying I have all this great habits that I’ve found on the internet, but good habits that successful freelancers are forced to develop in order to build a network, manage clients, and take care of themselves are an essential starting point for anyone considering leaving regular pay..… Read more