Hire for attitudes; train skills

When I was seeking that perfect candidate for a job opening, I looked at a CV and saw what a candidate had done, and then tested them on their skill level.  Then you hired the most skillful (the good ones) and put them to work.

This worked for a while, until I started working for larger organisations and to understand the culture of organisations.… Read more

So what should I do… for a career?

A lot of intelligent people have said for greater success in life, follow your passion.

What’s my passion?


Here’s a simple method to find out both what your passion is and what you are good at. Obvious advice to young entrepreneurs deciding what type of business to start, it’s commonly advised to “do something you love.”


But what if you don’t know what you’re passionate about?… Read more

Aceing the sales interview

When ever I was interviewing sales people to join our organisation, I had a simple skill test that I utilised with much success to identify those who claimed to have sales skills.

Quite simply I would ask the candidate to “sell me this pen”

even if its a BIC imagine you are selling THIS pen
even if its a BIC imagine you are selling THIS pen

If you are interviewing for a sales role OR interviewing a salesperson, its a handy technique to know.… Read more

Good, Cheap, Fast… Pick two.

Life isn’t fair, and a great example of this is working with contractors.

As I have found in my working career, any task you take on in life is constrained by a lot of factors. How long will it take? How much will it cost? How good is the result? Almost always, you end up having to choose good results with regard to two of those factors and expect a bad result for the third one.… Read more

Better Elevator Pitches

You meet a prospective client at a networking event and they ask you “so, what do you do?”

You know you have about 3 minutes before they move on and mingle, but you really do want to leave an impression. But what do you say? This is where your “elevator pitch” comes in.  Proverbially, the elevator pitch is supposed to take place in an elevator but that rarely happens.… Read more