Creating viral posts- here’s the “what” and the “how”

Not that i’ve created a really viral post here, I just don’t have enough regular readers to create a widely circulated viral post. But I have been part of a series of viral posts through, as we posted a simple chart of Singapore’s long weekends in 2015. The post reached over 100,000 people in a week.

If you don’t have time to read further here’s the key points;

What should you post ?Read more

What’s the likely impact of rising US Interest rates

Our economic future is increasingly in her hands.

We have been enjoying a ZIRP  (US zero interest rate policy) world recently. With the improvement in the US economy, the Fed suggested at its policy meeting in March that the program may end this coming autumn and it may start raising interest rates about six months from then. The latest pronouncements have underlined this, pointing out that the Fed responds to data and the data is looking better and better.Read more