Holiday planning and Personality styles

I try to plan my next holiday on the journey back from the “current” holiday. It gives me something to do to avoid the emotional drain of leaving a fantastic holiday experience and return to real life once again.

When i was working it was essential to squeeze as much joy out of holidays, less so now, but for me its always good to be able to think about holidays to look forward to.… Read more

Top 10 signs of a Dysfunctional Board

I believe I was very lucky that few of the Boards of Directors I was a part of were really dysfunctional. Having said that a  dysfunctional board of directors has the ability to cause multiple headaches for your business or organization. In the penultimate discussion on Boards Lets look at why Boards go bad.

Not only will a dysfunctional board of directors often fail to make decisions that are in the best interest of the business, its dysfunction has the potential to move outside the confines of the boardroom, causing negative publicity.

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Selecting your next Board member

I have probably spent a year of my life just in Board meetings- either as a management attendee or as a Board member. Most of that time was invested usefully, but there were occasional dysfunctional Boards, typically with one Board member causing most of the problems. IN the third in our series about Boards of Directors, I’ve written about unlocking talent within Boards, and explaining what Boards do, here we’ll explore how to select the right Board members.… Read more

What do Boards do?

As a member of Boards I often found that I was involved in turf wars between some Board members and some operational staff. It wasn’t pretty when old guys (like me) want to run the business on a day to day basis (not like me)  and it takes both great mental strength and tact to steer them away from becoming the de facto commercial or operations person.… Read more