Unlocking the hidden talent on your Board

At some stage in your career, you will run companies, and inevitably these companies come with Boards of Directors.

In moving to run a company or to becoming a lead director in a subsidiary company, you would have made an impact in how you have managed the people who work for you and controlled the business well. But when you reach the dizzy heights of running a company, you have an added responsibility, that of managing the people for whom you work.… Read more

Brilliant finance case study- Amazon

If you are looking for an exceptional case study in reviewing a company strategy from its balance sheet and P&L, then look no further than here.


Benedict Evans has a great series of charts to enable you to understand why Amazon works.

Amazon hasn’t declared a meaningful profit, ever.


The company goes against all business tenets about returning profit to shareholders.… Read more

Upcoming Series

I am set to publish a 4 part series on managing boards of Directors over the next two weeks.

I hope that this is of use to those readers who are parts of Boards or who are about to either set up their own Board of Directors or Advisors, or joining similar Boards.

Being part of a Board is very different from being on a management team- different skills, different attitudes needed.… Read more

5 critical conflict communication tools

As I am talking with friends and colleagues, the biggest challenge still is how to deal with difficult people situations.

I’m sort of glad as its a rich vein to write about here. So what do  think are the 5 most critical conflict defusing skills

First some background… It’s virtually inevitable that even the best  work relationships will involve some degree of conflict, at least some of the time.… Read more