How to elude Gatekeepers

I have started thinking about cold calling, again,  in my various new roles.

My very first job was cold calling professionals to try a build a new business competing against strong incumbents.

We had a great strategy, and great products– but I just didn’t have the ability to meet decision makers.  I find the team I work with now have the same problem now- they can’t get past the gatekeeper through to the decision maker, they fail to get past the personal assistant, or the secretary, the dreaded gatekeeper.… Read more

Avoid these 4 common negotiation mistakes

Business negotiations as a key component of the life of a manager in the middle- whether they are negotiating a new supply contract, discussing incentives and rebates with customers, or asking for a raise,  how skilled your negotiation approach dictates the potential outcome.

Professor George Siedel, of University of Michigan Ross School of Business, is a recognized expert on negotiation around the world.  … Read more

Unlocking the perfect development opportunity for you

I am proud to be part of an upcoming executive education course held by SMU, in January.

The essence of the course is to understand the key elements to unlock to build a winning business performance in Asia,

Here’s the course outline

For us all, Asia presents both great opportunities and great challenges. But new-to-Asia business executives often mistake Western appearance and corporate-like views for congruence of business mind-set.

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Business pyramid

Over the past few weeks I have created several posts about the role of the Board of Directors within business. I trust the Labour cartoon from 1911 depicting how they viewed business hierarchy is not so applicable to your business.

The diagram me below, is a neat way of visualising the roles and responsibilities of different levels within a business hierarchy;

mgt pyramid


In a quick summary format this succinctly describes the functions and responsibilities of the different levels of management within an organization.  … Read more

Stress and DISC

I have received positive feedback on the DISC related tips and suggestions I’ve been positing, and so I’ll keep this series going by looking at the different behaviour preferences attitudes towards stress.

Every life is stress filled. Different behaviour styles react to stress in different ways, and even become stressed from different situations. It may not come as a complete surprise, but once you understand the reasons,  you’ll be able to make it through, and assist others cope with the ups and downs, daily stressors and anxious moments of day-to-day life that much better.… Read more