What’s “Secular Stagnation”?

With the start of a new year upon us, its time to look forward to what we have in store in 2015. What are your thoughts? Doom and gloom or a bright new dawn?

Mine are, more of the same, we’ll be struggling through for a couple more years… generally I believe there will be a modest increase in the business environment driven by a more positive view out of the USA, dragging Asia into growth.… Read more

Doom & Gloom from Deutsche bank

AS we wind down to exiting and new 2015, here’s some more doom and gloom from the major Banks.   This is one of the first slides from Deutsche Bank’s “The House View” slide deck on the current state of the world. A couple of things to note here:

IMG_1262.JPG Deutsche thinks that both a renewed European crisis and a Chinese hard landing are relatively likely and relatively significant.… Read more

Buying gifts for your DISC friends

It’s almost the end of the festive season and I hope you have you finished buying gifts. If not, and you still need to do some last minute shopping?

Did you realise that we often buy gifts according to our DISC preferences? While it is the thought that counts, but wouldn’t it be great if we had an idea of what to buy for them?… Read more

Malaysia’s troubled 2015

As one of the seeming powerhouses of the ASEAN economy, Malaysia could be entering a tough 2015.

The recent collapse in the price of  crude oil – down 40% to recession levels – and the recent strength of the USD stemming from increasing economic strength in the US economy and weakness in the European economy are now hitting emerging market economies in both positive and negative ways.… Read more