So how will the rising US$ affect us?

In an interesting PR move the staid Bank for International Settlements (BIS)- the Central bankers, banker- has tweeted the following

@BIS_org: US dollar as global unit of account in debt contracts means a stronger dollar constitutes tightening of global financial conditions.

The signs of growth in the US is positive and this has already resulted in a strengthening of the US$ against many international currencies.… Read more

How low can it go?

In our series on the plummeting price of oil, here’s the inside take on how low Oil can go before it’s no longer economic t0 turn on the tap.

The best way to look at when the biggest oil players will start feeling the squeeze from lower prices is the “cash cost.”

“Cash cost is the only true floor,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Longson said.… Read more

Oil Price Swings and Roundabouts

So who are the big winners on the swings and losers on the roundabouts of the current oil price declines- the only local swings/roundabouts trade off is in Malaysia where the loss in oil export revenue will be partly offset by a reduction in petrol and fuel oil subsidies.

Obviously buyers are winners and sellers are losers, but what’s the annualized impact as a percentage of a countries GDP?… Read more

Avoid micromanaging – here’s how

The hardest skill, I believe, for a new manager, is the skill NOT to micromanage.

Congratulations, you’ve been promoted, typically because you have been great at what you did. And now you probably have several people working for you, that you know are worse than you in your previous role. The temptation- I was tempted- was to actively take over what they are all doing and to ensure their performance meets your previous standards by micro-managing.… Read more