7 Expert habits to becoming extremely Resilient

I have written a few postings on resilience and building resilience as i see it as a key characteristic to successful middle managers.

The ability to cope with stress in your life as a middle manager is essential. This stress can come from those who work for you, work with you and for whom you work, plus stress from outside the organisation.… Read more

Why has Copper collapsed…

and who gets hit by the crashing prices?

The crash in copper prices is the latest in a global commodities sell off, which has been highlighted by the decline in the price of oil, which is down more than 50% since June. Copper id down substantially and was don almost 7% in trading on 14 January.

copper chart

Morgan Stanley in Australia attributed the drop in copper prices to “speculation that cheaper energy costs will encourage mining companies to increase production.”  A report from Bloomberg late Tuesday said that a reduced growth forecast from the World Bank was pressuring the commodity.… Read more

Influencing within a Matrix

Matrix structures are becoming more and more common in Asia’s multinationals.

Individuals- used to more traditional management –  are struggling with reporting to two or more bosses, with often competing priorities and differing views on appropriate outcomes.

So how can a manager-in-the-middle negotiate the pitfalls of matrix management?

Working effectively in a matrix requires trust, cooperation, and coordination built upon a foundation of shared goals, clear roles and decision authority, and transparent and timely communication.… Read more

Online media habits are changing, diverging

To start 2015 I’ll focus on online media for a while to enable both managers and Boards to better understand how-mid-decade- advertising is changing.

This change is led by technology- both hardware and software- and both brand owners and agencies are struggling to keep up. And while there are a few brands and agencies surfing the wave of new media habits, the vast majority of us languish in traditional-media unaware of how fast things are changing.… Read more