Tomorrow’s Oil Shock?

While today’s pricing is low… See my previous post, tomorrow’s Oil pricing will inevitably rise, and there will be accompanying spikes in the pricing.


The answer is Simple demand-supply economics.

There is no steady equilibrium in Oil production. Oil is a finite commodity and the wells which produce oil, tend to produce less oil each year. While demand tends to increase by a modest 1-1.5% per year (around 1 million barrels a day) , without new sources of oil the production of oil declines by around 6% per year as older wells run dry ( around 5.5 million barrels a day).… Read more

A new Leader’s first step…

Leadership is a great strategic topic, but I don’t read too much on how to start being a leader, especially for newly appointed managers who are expected to quickly become leaders.

If you are newly hired or a newly promoted leader what are the first couple of steps you should do to start leading.

We all know that you need to find a way to build rapport or empathy with your team… and at the start its really tough to do, especially if you don’t know what to do.… Read more

What’s the Media’s future?

While this is a US chart, it certainly seems to mirror my personal experience…


Traveling by MRT or Bus all I see is people staring into their mobiles. At breakfast or lunch- staring into mobiles, on the bus or MRT home staring into their mobiles, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore- all on mobiles- obviously a biased sample, but increasingly mobile communications- facilitated by large screen phones- is the default mode in Asia.… Read more