What are consumer Insights?

As we start working through the start of a new year, we see new plans, new strategies. This reminds me of one critical element that I see lacking in many strategies or plans is INSIGHT.

This is a simple word that means many different things to people, so I’d like to take time to define what Insight means to me.  As brand and business strategists and market observers, we have a strong interest in identifying the potential actionable insights from  mere interesting observations or descriptions.… Read more

5 lessons they never taught me at University

There’s a clever meme populating the internet currently…


Everything you ever needed to know about anything, and all in two slim volumes.

I certainly don’t claim to know everything, but I’d like to jump onto this meme with my own brief contribution about the key things University DIDN’T teach me.

Do you still believe that good performance is the key to success?… Read more

Where’s the Euro going?


the US Federal reserve has just implied that it may not be as aggressive increasing US dollar interest rates in the forth coming year, this means, potentially, the Euro may not deteriorate as fast.

more updates to come


Yes, I know what you are going to say, you’ve changed your mind and NOW you believe what the forecasters are saying.… Read more

Investments that can kill…

… your wealth.

“Leverage, concentration and illiquidity are the three things that can kill you”

Steve Cohen‘s words provide real guidance in the current low reward investing world.  What specifically does he mean by this and how could it kill your investments?

Leverage gets more investors in trouble than probably any other single factor.  The best way I can describe it is that its Gambling with money you don’t have.Read more