Inspired Hiring

Now is the time of year that people look for a new career, last year is over and bonuses paid, holidays are over and leave is taken, its the start of a new year and often people seek new horizons, so now is probably the time of year when YOU may be looking for new team members.

Rather than go the typical way of hiring your staff… if its worked for you keep going, but if you need some inspiration, here it is.… Read more

Rising Tides

John F Kennedy said that rising tides floated all boats, but he hadn’t heard of global warming. ¬†And while more boats will be floated, it is certain that more coastal cities will either be drowned or will have to invest heavily on coastal protection.

An overheating planet is melting glaciers, raising sea levels and threatening cities from Mumbai to Guangzhou. Half the world already lives within 60 kilometers (37 miles) of the sea, according to the United Nations.… Read more