3 steps to Scaling your business to success

There are occasions when your new General Managers role is into a new company, a startup or off-shoot of a successful business.  As a new GM how can you create a successful business?

Scaling a business to success is the key challenge in all start ups and for all businesses.

After doing some reading and research, here’s my view of a process through the complete lifecycle of a startup company to give you a clear direction to follow as you intelligently scale your business.… Read more

How to enable your team to think more Critically

What happens when a business proposal is tabled at a meeting, or when a new strategy or action plan is discussed, or when you have a competitive or industry review or when you are training your team?  As a new General Manager, are you happy with the depth of discussion that is created or do you feel that the information is treated quite superficially if its taken in at all.  … Read more

How to tell a Fake from an Expert

In the business world in which we work, we often meet people who consider themselves to be “experts in their field”. Now if you know the field in which they claim expertise, then you are very able to ascertain whether they are genuine.

But if you have no idea, or are seeking guidance in a field you are unacquainted with or less skilled in; how can you tell genuine experts from potential fakes?… Read more

People buy from people they like.

The first piece of advice I received when I was hired as a Sales representative was that people buy from people they like.  So my new Boss told me that the reason I was hired was that I was quite likable. And pretty much from then on I have fund this truism to be in fact, true.

What i did find was that some people actually didn’t like me.… Read more

How to analyze a business plan

As a new or transitioning General Manager, a new skill needed is having the ability to simply understand how your your new business makes money. If you haven’t developed a means of analysing business plans in a logical way, then I’ve set out a means below?

By analysing your businesses strengths and weaknesses also enables you to focus your attention on where your business needs you RATHER than where you are most comfortable.… Read more