9 Problem solving techniques for new GMs

While I’ve written about the new GM avoiding taking on the problems of their team members; there are times when you do have to face these problems and solve them yourself.  Or you need to provide your team members with the skills to solve problems

There are many ways to solve management problems that ou can encourage your managers and team members to use.… Read more

The new GM and his monkeys

When you are promoted to your first General Management position, the first thing that will happen is that people will start to bring you their problems. “Hey Boss, what should I do next?”

While you may think that this is a similar situation to when you first became a manager the GM challenge is different. For a newly appointed General Manager you have a strong temptation to take over.… Read more

Pimco’s tail risks

Investment company Pacific Investment Management Co., (Pimco) recently gathered a range of major political and economic heavy weights to think through the future.  They popularized the term “new normal” to describe an era of below-average economic growth following the 2007-08 Global financial crisis, says that period is gradually entering a new phase. Economic growth globally will be converging toward lower, yet more stable top speeds and central bank interest rates will remain stuck below their pre-crisis equilibrium in a “new neutral,” outlining the firm’s expectations for the next three to five years.… Read more

Top 10 causes of business problems.

In the series of posts about becoming a great new General Manager, I’ve written almost exclusively about success, successful habits, success processes.  Its time now to consider the causes of business problems, and consider it in a positive way

Failure and the causes of failure, manifest themselves in many ways but to truly solve a problem you must make sure you have found the root cause.  … Read more

7 Habits of successful new General Managers

One business book that I recommend consistently is Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People…  and despite being around a long time it’s still a great book, for being simple and powerful at the same time.

For the new General Manager,  let me channel Covey and suggest 7habits of my own.

As the newly promoted GM what habits should we take on from Covery to be successful?… Read more