Your role in developing young managers

When you joined your company, the HR department probably suggested how you could develop, and maybe suggested a course or two. And that’s it, your development was left to you and maybe your manager once a year when you had to fill in some forms during your performance appraisal.

I have always felt this hands off approach to the development of talent to be sadly lacking.… Read more

It’s been a topsy-turvy S&P $ year



While many any have been lamenting the decline in revenues and blaming a volatile world a rising US$ or lagging demand, year to date growth has been mixed.

At the half year health care and telecom stocks listed on the S&P 500 were well up on GDP growth. Whilst Energy stocks were down, but unexpectly revenue was down 32%.… Read more

China’s use of raw materials is huge

Over the last 20 years, the world economy has relied on the Chinese economic growth engine more than it would like to admit. The 1.4 billion people living in the world’s most populous country account for 13% of global GDP, which is significant no matter how it is interpreted. However, in the commodity sector, China has another magnitude of importance. The fact is that China consumes mind-bending amounts of materials, energy, and food.… Read more

China trade figures… and why they are important to you

For the new General Manager in Asia, China is a major concern, with a lack of demand from US and Europe dragging down performance in Chinese firms and Reducing demand from our local economies set up to feed the Chinese manufacturing miracle.

As Chinese policymakers attempt to shift from export led growth to growth driven by domestic demand, and to use this domestic demand to spur local growth rather than credit-fueled infrastructure binges, the effects of this reorganization are reverberating around the world.… Read more