Understanding Customer reactions

Last week, I introduced ways in which you can manage customer expectations.

McKinsey in their review of banks performance focus clearly on the moment of truth or the customer experience in assessing whether banks have increased performance.

McKinsey Moments of truth in banking

So how you manage the expectations and experiences of your customers really does influence their purchase behaviour.

Let me go further, by introducing you to a little background.… Read more

Why some Customers are unhappy… no matter what

As a General manager you should aim to have a happy customers.

There are times, though, when customers become unhappy, even though you believe they have no right to be. And remain less than happy, no matter what you do.

Today, I’d like to offer some advice, an explanation, and a general strategy.

The advice is- get used to it.

Happy and sad face.

While you can create a great environment for customers, you can’t make some unhappy customers happy.… Read more

6 Unacceptable Failures

There is a whole literature about success being born from failure.

And, yes, in essence I agree with this big idea; that only through testing yourself and accepting that your testing could produce failures, can you create a successful business, strategy, approach, career etc.

As a new General Manager, you’ll be counselled by your HR team to be tolerant of failure, to support failure, to even encourage failure as a means to speed success.… Read more