Pricing to maximise revenue

In our last post we talked generally about generic pricing strategies. Where our price should be in relation to our product strategy, competitors and customers.

That’s great but it really doesn’t help to understand how you should set the FINAL tactical price. Fortunately, that’s where data driven consumer psychology can help.  And now I’d like to go to a micro level in setting actual pricing to add value to your operations.Read more

Pricing your Product

Over the festive season I’ve been caught up in a greater focus on finding objective data driven proof for many of the “ideas, theories, gut-feel” commercial people have about a number of commercial issues.

It all started with Byron Sharp’s books- how brands grow, and how brands grow part 2  an insightful, data laden read I commend to you. But I have also been digging into other perceptions we take for granted and to see if there is empirical, data driven proof to support them.… Read more

Create instant trust with your new boss

We all have new Bosses come into our work lives. Because of this I’d like to share one tip I found to really build a solid and trusted work relationship with a new Boss who joined our business.

Use the power of one simple regular email to your boss.

I say e-mail as I believe your new Boss will probably be very busy understanding the new roles and responsibilities and getting up to speed in your business.  … Read more