Systemic Thinking

“A baseball bat and ball costs $1.10, and the baseball bat is $1.00 more than the ball, how much does the ball cost?

Write down your answer… and we’ll get back to your answer shortly.

In our summary series addressing how you can grow your business we settled upon exploding a series of marketing myths, one myth- that consumers take the time and energy to consciously search through options in selecting the best brands or solution to their problems – we’ll address in more depth today.Read more

Should I believe my Customers?

Is market research accurate?

I’ve been spending a little time dispelling some myths about marketing from the work of Prof. Byron Sharp, et al, and as a sideline, I’d like to talk about marketers and market research.

Is market research accurate- well it depends. As business leaders and marketers we spend a large part of our lives listening to customers, and typically the most effective means of doing this is through market research.  … Read more

How memorable is your brand?

I’ll continue thinking about brands, businesses and growth, by now considering measurement.

We know that to successfully grow brands you need to win the battle for mental availability in your consumers mind by creating a compelling expectation and the battle for physical availability on retail shelves y delivering a distinctive experience.

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So how can we measure mental availability, the quality and quantity of the consumers expectation?… Read more

How to grow your brands- physical availability

Over the past months I have been describing the background research to marketing’s new research-based paradigm. And last week i described how to grow through increasing mental availability- by creating a compelling expectation in the mind of the consumer.

Now, I’ll describe HOW you can use these insights to grow your brands and your business by winning the in-store battle, the battle for the shoppers basket thus delivering a compelling experience.… Read more