New series- tools, models, analogies, heuristics

I’m preparing a series of classes for SMU related to what do I need to do to have a successful Asian business.

I’m thinking a critical element in creating a successful business is not about having the right answer to everything, but what’s more important are you asking the right questions.

Last week,  I’ll discussed the 5 critical questions one needs to answer to create a successful business. … Read more

The 5 most important questions to ask in business

This isn’t a post celebrating Portugal’s win over France, but its a reminder that in every endeavour you need to know how you are going to win.

In preparing a new course for SMU the reason I feel I’ll be able to add value to attendees is a focus on getting to the right questions rather than the right answers.

My theory is that typically the answers will change quickly with changing environments, with changing competition, with innovation, with the passage of time.  … Read more

Jargon busting management

I’ve been reminded recently that the use of jargon or management-speak is alive and well.

In a recent conversation with a potential user of my services,  it was casually mentioned that people were “leaning in” more than they anticipated and so help was needed.  I had no idea what this person had just said “leaning in”… people inclined? What does it mean.  … Read more

Who are the happiest campers?

I’ve been a long time contributor to various tourist related rating sites (, tripadvisor) , and I tend to be an “if it’s great I’ll rate it, but if it’s not I won’t” style of rater.  In discussions with many of my “hosts” they put a premium on people rating their establishments, as more and more people are informed by social media.… Read more