Brexit flow; Will it pan out?

Goldman Sachs has produced a comprehensive yet concise flowchart showing how the Brexit process should play out over the next few years.


The chart, which was in the latest “Top of Mind” note sent to clients by the investment bank this week, doesn’t present any new information but it is a handy cut-out-and-keep guide to the Brexit process (feel free to bookmark this page!)

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Do 70% of change projects really fail?

There is a much repeated statement in business at the moment that 70% of change management projects fail.

70% fail to change*


If after all this time and focus on managing change projects as still 70% failure, what’s going on?

I teach a session for various corporate clients on implementing change, and I’ve seen this statistic quite a bit, and I’m revising an upcoming session and looking for a motivator to get people to pay attention to the session.Read more

Why good people resign; the 6 key reasons.

Losing a great employee is a terrible thing.

Form a Bosses perspective there’s the time and expense of finding, engaging, and training the replacement. There’s the uncertainty of how the new employee will work out. There’s the hardship on yourself and the rest of your team until the position can be filled. There’s the teams uncertainty if the new hire will succeed and work within the team.… Read more