Trumps Trade Tirade- who could be the losers?

The new US President has had quite an impact on the business environment in the few short weeks he’s been in power.  The new phenomena just shows the potential power of twitter. It appears his every tweet generates a reaction, but I think reactions will dim.  Like the boy who shouted “Wolf”; the world may pay less and less attention to the alternative-fact ramblings coming from Trumps twitter feed.… Read more

Inflation, anyone?

Since the Federal reserve and just about every Western country tried to reflate us out of the 2008 depression, there have been many people crying INFLATION.

Inflation creates a specifically strong reaction amongst many (older) people who’s parents or grandparents were ravaged by  inflation during the middle of the 20th century or who bore the brunt of inflation in the 1970s.  … Read more

Why the price of oil will continue to fall?

Energy stocks jumped after the November US election because investors thought new management in Washington would be their ticket to higher pricing. But lets take a look at things from a more detailed perspective?

On the surface, with President Trump promising to reduce the Oil and Gas industry’s regulatory burden and open more federal land and offshore areas to drilling it was clear things would get better.  … Read more

Commercial insight drives B2B purchasing

Last week I wrote (extensively) on the role of both emotion and logic in building successful B2B brands.  I tried to assist you to avoid the “One-in-Three problem” where you are one of three bidders locked in lowest price negotiation to win a clients business.

I proposed focussing on two critical elements- the commercial insight and the personal insight. The commercial insight focuses on the logical benefit of your brand to the clients business.… Read more