Learning to surf the digital tsunami

In the digital world, your consumers can’t help but shop around.

Regrettable, but true… loyalty is down, but not out.

The past few years have seen exponential growth in tools that have made researching and purchasing products online vastly easier. We’ve seen an explosion of mobile shopping apps that showcase options, simplify pricing, compare product specifications, and facilitate peer reviews that make switching brands easier.… Read more

What’s the celery test?

It’s called the celery test, and it was described (memorably, if poorly) by Simon Sinek.

The analogy is this ;  you go to a dinner party and someone says to you, “You know what you need in your business? Oreo cookies. If you’re not implementing Oreo cookies in your business, I’m telling you, you’re leaving money on the table.  The next person you meet tells you: “Rice milk.… Read more

Is traditional media failing?

I’ve been preparing for a session at Singapore Management University’s Future Ready Forum, by researching about the digital impact on business.

One critical element of this is the view that with digital media gaining huge traction, it’s fashionable to talk about those bumbling, fumbling traditional media owners. Slow and stupid, so the thinking goes, they are sure to get run over by nimbler, smarter digital upstarts.… Read more

How Globalised is the USA?

Last week I wrote about the potential for business risk coming from potential changes in US trade policy.

Given the political rhetoric coming from the US of late, it may seem like the United States is one of the world’s most globalised countries- and its economy is being held to ransom by overseas countries.

If you ask Americans how globalised the world is as a whole, and how Globalised the US is, the answer you get may not surprise.… Read more