What Customer problems are worth solving?

It seems to many people that any problem a customer is willing to pay for, is worth solving.  But that may not be the best way to create a sustainable business.  Typically we will start with our own ideas, but this is probably not focused nor compelling enough.

Start with a customer problem, not an supplier idea. Ideas are “free floating” — and most will never turn into a business unless they solve a fundamental problem.… Read more

What a CEO needs to know about customers- from touch points to journeys

As a practitioner, manager, and board director, and as a widely read observer, i can say clearly that Companies which create exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors and produce significantly better business results.

The practice of mapping the journey of our customers, is well established, but typically these elements have been treated distinctly- a piece of point of sale, a price, a sponsorship, and while there is typically oversight from a brand perspective to ensure there is fit with the brand, there is often little co-ordination from a customers perspective to ensure these touch points align to create a co-ordinated and self-reinforcing customer journey,

thats why I’d like to discuss moving from discussing elements of a marketing plan to the overall perception of the plan from a customers perspective.… Read more

How can I tell if your competitive advantage is competitive or an advantage?

I introduced the idea of a castle and moat metaphor in understanding how businesses can sustainably succeed.

Here is a critical way to test this metaphor and its relationship to your business is the use the RBV model.

The Resource-Based View (RBV) is a perspective that examines the link between a company’s internal characteristics and its performance.

This approach considers that Businesses should look inside their company to find the sources of competitive advantage instead of looking at the competitive environment.… Read more

So, how long do we give Uber?

Uber’s CEO has resigned, not unexpectedly, but unexpectedly quickly- they also lack a slew of other C-suite operatives, is this a sign that these insiders really did know that Uber had no conceivable path to profitability.

Its business model has been based on a massive internal contradiction: using a ginormous war chest to try to achieve a near-monopoly position in a low-margin, mature business that is fragmented geographically and locally.… Read more

A secret to All Black rugby success?

In the midst of the British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand is like to reflect on one of the most successful Brand’s New Zealand has produced- the All Blacks.

Renowned in the wake of multiple World Cup failures as the game’s greatest chokers, the All Blacks in the last 10 years have gone to stunning lengths to fix the major psychological faults running through the team and management.… Read more