Maximize customer value

Do your clients view you with delight like a kid does a candy store?

Making your customers buying experience more valuable to them is another critical means to grow.

How can we do this, through three themes. Optimize customer value by ignoring all product, service, and company boundaries. Bundle, unbundle, and reconfigure products and services. Partner, collaborate, and co-create with business partners and even customers.… Read more

Redefine customer value

While last week, we sought to increase customer value, lets look at ways in which we can redefine customer value. What are the ways we can grow by rethinking the jobs customers are trying to accomplish and use this to create new value, then enhancing their current value, or increasing their ability to derive value from your offerings.

An important frontier in B2B sales is redefining what we consider to be customer value itself.… Read more

How long should I holiday?

I love holidays- the experience of trying new foods, hiking distant hills, enjoying new cultures.  But recent research indicates maybe I should have more, shorter holidays!

A two-week vacation might be twice as long as a one-week vacation, but don’t expect to have twice the memories once you get back.

According to psychologist Daniel Kahneman, shorter vacations are typically just as good in hindsight as longer ones.… Read more