How do you know you’re winning with all this hype; managing customer attention.

Attention Is the number one commodity everyone desires in today’s marketing world. Unless you can get it, you cannot succeed.

Do you find, that you rarely feel like you’re winning? But whats winning and what’s just hype?

With everybody clamouring for attention, with all the promoted posts on Facebook or linkedIn,  and traditional news outlets swamped with fake news and political agendas, you oftentimes don’t know whether you’re winning or losing.… Read more

Respect your audience; managing customers attention

Attention is the number one commodity in today’s world. Unless you can get it, you cannot succeed.

Here i believe we need to discuss how we should respect our audience.

We all know that you’ve got no time and your customer audience don’t either. We’re all overwhelmed with too many things that need doing in too little time.

It’s a privilege to get someone’s attention, you’re not entitled to it.… Read more

Overnight success is history; managing your customers attention

Attention Is the most valued commodity in today’s world. Unless you can get it, you cannot succeed on a world stage.

But, in todays media environment becoming an Overnight success is very probably history.  Sure you could become an overnight sensation, through a tweet or a pic, but being a sensation isn’t the same as being a success. 

In the 80s and 90s TV channel MTV blasted acts to the moon and resonated around the world. Read more

Add some feeling into your reports

When reading a piece of business writing- whether it’s a proposal, a report, or a simple email- are you turned off by people who have invested more energy trying to sound smart than in trying to be smart?

Ideally, I’d like to read these where I don’t notice the author or the writing at all. The best writing is so transparent that it doesn’t obscure the underlying message.… Read more