3 tips to improve your companies culture

My old work colleagues are occasionally complaining about the culture in their new place of work. I listen, empathise and then disagree with them.

Culture is what you make of it, good or bad… do something don’t complain. While I agree that an internal culture is based on a foundation laid out by employers, it is up to employees to make it thrive.

A good work culture is most beneficial for the actual workers in the system.

Here are three things you can do to make their second home a great place to work:

1. Participate in the what’s offered.
You can’t sit around wishing you worked in a better work culture if you don’t participate in it. This means that if your company sponsors a 5K run, you should participate in it either form the sidelines cheering or get your running shoes on. Family day on offer, go, meet your colleagues families and build some much needed rapport.

2. Get involved.
The more you feel like your voice is heard, the more you will feel a responsibility and commitment to your company. How do you make your voice heard? By getting involved with teams that contribute to strategic planning, creating social events or charitable initiatives, and even participating in referral programs for new hires. Get involved in the business and you get involved n implementing the culture.

3. Trust your colleagues. You  need to be able to trust that your colleagues have your best interest in mind. This means depending on one another and valuing each other’s work and contributions and to do this offer your trust and support first. Create healthy competition at work not unhealthy destructive activities or your colleagues won’t feel like they are on the same team as you. At the end of the day, the company needs to feel like one entity moving toward a single goal together, and you need to be part of it… or find a new company to be part of.


We spend so much time at work that if you can’t get with the culture then its better for you and your colleagues if you find a company that better suits you, and don’t complain about your work. An added benefit is you’ll feel happier and healthier.

Have you ideas to share on work cultures, then please share them in our comments section.