Customer service GAP model

Consumer’s today are increasingly demanding. Not only wanting high quality products but expecting high quality customer service.

Delivering superior value to the customer should be the prime concern of business Managers. This not only includes the actual physical product but their customer service component as well. Products that do not offer and integrate good quality customer service that meets the expectations of consumers are difficult to sustain in a competitive market.… Read more

What’s the very best question you can ask your customers?

Why do businesses fail?

Sometimes it’s bad management or poor execution, but more often it’s a simple inability to create a product that people actually want to buy.

And how do you know what people want to buy? You ask them.

Getting customer feedback sounds simple enough, but in practice, getting useful quality feedback from customers can be challenging. I was asked in a recent session I was leading about how to assess customer assessment of  their companies performance.… Read more

What’s needed for Effective strategy implementation?

To start a new year, I’d like to look again at what I believe is the most important thing in business… doing the right things right.

And on the first day of January, I’d like to focus your attention on HOW to do the thing right…

I run a strategy day for SMU for various corporate clients… in the morning we discuss what we need to do… the “what” of strategy development.… Read more

A secret to All Black rugby success?

In the midst of the British and Irish Lions tour of New Zealand is like to reflect on one of the most successful Brand’s New Zealand has produced- the All Blacks.

Renowned in the wake of multiple World Cup failures as the game’s greatest chokers, the All Blacks in the last 10 years have gone to stunning lengths to fix the major psychological faults running through the team and management.… Read more

Is execution a people or a strategy problem?

I’ve recently seen in the Harvard Business review that strategy execution is a people problem, not a strategy problem.

And I disagree with this.

The implementation of strategy is inextricably part of that strategy. A strategy that can’t be implemented or a strategy that is poorly implemented is to me a poor strategy.  Thinking through the execution phase is an important part of strategic thinking.  … Read more