What signs are you displaying?

So which way does your team go?
As a new boss are you consistent in the messages you send to your team and consistent in also living by those messages? “Walk the talk”, is a simple reminder to also do what you say. I’m a big believer in consistency, and a consistent boss is on the road to becoming a very good boss.… Read more

5 Killer Questions for Non-Marketers to ask

In moving from commercially focused businesses into the wider world, the question i am asked most often is : how can i improve my branding and marketing. This a killer question. Without getting into an in-depth review of the questioners specific challenges, i go back to first principles and ask them to think about asking similar killer questions to ask their marketing teams.… Read more

Bargain with Odd numbers

When negotiating for a salary, most of us reach for a nice, round number like $5,000 a month Or $120,000 a year.
But, by favouring all those zeros, we may be missing an opportunity to get a better deal, according to a new paper from researchers at Columbia Business School. They found that using more precise numbers in an initial request—or anchor, as it is known in psychology parlance—generally results in a higher final settlement.… Read more

Four building blocks to Marketing


I believe every person, to a greater or lesser extent, must become a marketer in some sense of the word. They must market themselves to become married or get a job. Some of us are native marketers, natural salesmen, who can assess a situation what you can off it and then communicate clearly and simple how to solve a problem, either through being hired or through using a service.… Read more

What is acumen

Acumen is the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions.

And this is particularly useful in the business domain, displaying “business acumen”.

None of us were born with acumen, and some of us still dont have it, but over thirty years in business i have seen acumen in action and have been known to display it myself.

This site will be my view of acumen, what it is, how to gain it and how to utilise it for your own and your businesses benefit.… Read more