Triggering the right behaviour

A trigger is a cue, or a call to action. It’s something that says, “Do this now.”  But there can be different sorts of triggers depending on your motivation and ability.

Considering my preferred model of behaviour  developed at Stanford University by B.J. Fogg, the trigger is a criticla part of the model.  As we have seen behaviour is based on both your ability to perform the behaviour and your motivation to perform the behaviour… but to actually behave in that way you need a trigger.… Read more

Make buying simple and easy

While its easy to say this, and in an increasingly complicated world, challenging to say the least, making your customers buying experience easier is a critical means to grow.

What’s at the heart of this? Simple, become the easiest partner to do business with. Make the customer experience easy, frictionless, and anticipative. Eradicate all reasons for customers to choose other companies to do business with.… Read more

What Customer problems are worth solving?

It seems to many people that any problem a customer is willing to pay for, is worth solving.  But that may not be the best way to create a sustainable business.  Typically we will start with our own ideas, but this is probably not focused nor compelling enough.

Start with a customer problem, not an supplier idea. Ideas are “free floating” — and most will never turn into a business unless they solve a fundamental problem.… Read more